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2028 Martin Luther King Jr Ave SE, Washington, DC 20020 (202) 678-6262

Our Story

In 1986 we embarked on our journey in New Orleans, where the people both loved and appreciated good food! Our little store became a local chain that we expanded to Texas, South Carolina and Tennessee. At one point and time we served over a million meals a year! We’ve learned how to produce good food and serve the people we love.

After years here in the Washington DC area, we are once again beginning a new journey. This time in the historic Anacostia community, with the same great food served with love. Because, we Love the people, and we Love food. It’s all about Love.

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Google Reviews

Eila Koltun

We've enjoyed their pizza, lasagna and a chicken sandwich. from Mama's Pizza, 3 times in the last 2 weeks. The pizza and lasagna sauces are wonderful. The pizza dough is wonderfully fresh. This restaurant is clean.Mama and her staff are friendly. We'll be back again soon!

Anna B.

A staple in the neighborhood you must try. MaMa is a real person who has serviced the community for years and is always there to great you with a smile. My kids love coming to see her. Oh, and the food is amazing and fresh.

Phillip Wright

Mama's pizza is very delicious!!! I ordered from this fine establishment for the very 1st time and let me tell you I was not disappointed. The pizza was so amazing so amazing and the wings that I order was super awesome. I say mama's pizza has a brand new customer.

Alan Budde

Im born and raised in New Jersey and this is some of the best pizza I have had in DC period. $3.50 for a slice of pepperoni which is bigger than a new york slice. I will be back! You have to plan for a 15 minute wait but its worth it!

Esra Gurel

We love Mama's pizza! The selection is great, the food is delicious and the service is very friendly. Mama's is a lifesaver after a long day when cooking is the last thing on my mind. They also deliver, and the prices are very reasonable compared to other places in DC.

Malik Ali

The sauce is amazing the dough is made fresh daily and Tisha pronounced Teesha is an amazing hostess and cashier. Try a sandwich on the fresh baked bread and the best part of it all is its amazingly affordable.